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Advance Paris X-i75

13 Advance Paris X-i75

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Advance Acoustic X-i75

Geïntegreerde Versterker


2 x 75/110 W RMS (8/4 Ohm)

De eerste 10 W (uitschakelbaar) kan worden weergegeven in klasse A

daarboven schakelt de versterker over op klasse AB

New Advance Acoustic integrated amplifiers X-i75 has a sober and elegant presentation.

They have numerous possibilities for both analog and digital use, benefitting from the latest technical innovations.
Combined with the best components available at this time, they allowed to the listening, an exceptional rendering for dynamics without agressiveness,but reproducing the details of the music.

The « Hi Bias » function allows it to supply easily most of the loudspeakers sold on the market.

Its complete remote control device will make it easier to use.

Analog Inputs :
1 phono MM input
1 CD input
1 Tuner input
4 Auxiliaries inputs
1 PC2 analog input
1 Record output
1 output for Subwoofer
Amplifier –Preamplifier can be disconnected

Digital Inputs :
2 Coaxial inputs
1 Optical inputs
1 Asynchronous USB B X-MOS input
1 USB A input for USB Key with MP3 files
1 module Bluetooth input 24 bits x 48 kHz (Optional module X-FTB01)

Outputs :
1 Paire of loudspeakers
1 headphones plug
1 5 Volts output for WTX 500

Adjustment :

- Volume
- Balance
- Bass
- Trebble
- Bypass
- Hi Bias switch


Power 8 Ω : 2x75W RMS
Power 4 Ω : 2x110W RMS
Frequency response (-3dB) 10Hz-35kHz
Tone Control +/- 10 dB
Distorsion < 0,1%
Signal/Noise ratio > 90 dB
Channel Separation > 70 dB
Input Impedance 47KΩ
Phono Input Impedance 47KΩ

Digital audio Converter AK4113 low jitter
Converter 24bit-192kHz
USB B Converter Wolfson WM8740
X-MOS Asynchrone
In Level (CD/AUX...) < 300mV
In Level Amplifier < 1,1V
Phono MM Input Level 2,5mV
Bluetooth Module APTX – AAC (Optional module : X-FTB01)

AC Input 115-230V
Power Consumption : 300W (X-i75)
Transformer (1)
Dimensions (cm) H12 cm x W.43 cm x D.32 cm
Net Weight : 8,6 kg

Advance Acoustic X-i75