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Monitor Audio Bronze W10

68 Monitor Audio Bronze W10

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Monitor Audio Bronze W10

Actieve Subwoofer

220/440 W

25 cm woofer + 25 cm passief membraan

All the audiophile-like transparency of New Bronze’s low-distortion design regimen concentrated in the bass domain. This is New Bronze bass, deeply provisioned, authentically proportioned and dynamically fleet of foot, re-tooled from the ground up to punctuate the sound of every New Bronze system with stunningly natural bass transients, timed to perfection. The sophisticated W10 subwoofer is a New Bronze original, featuring an exclusive trinity of uprated amplifier topology, powerful DSP processing and new long-throw driver design. Advanced switch-mode power conversion techniques, custom DSP tuning and a massive power reservoir combine to generate enormous dynamic headroom from the Class D power-pack, allowing the driver to drop low and punch hard without distortion for a truly sensational deep bass experience. A down-firing 10” ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) ensures that with the same compact footprint as its predecessor, the W10 delivers an incredible 6dB greater SPL at 40Hz. Choose how you enjoy the W10’s prodigious bass energy with pre-set EQ settings for music, movie or impact.

Bronze W10 technology

•Ultra long throw 10” driver featuring concave ‘dished’ C-CAM cone
•10” flat panel ABR (auxiliary bass driver) mounted on the bottom to augment low frequency extension and power handling
•Powerful Class-D Amplifier delivering over 200W with low distortion
•Switch Mode power supply, designed to deliver high continuous rating and provides the instantaneous delivery of high current when required
•DSP processing with all control features and crossover performed in the digital domain
•Three pre-set EQ mode settings (Music, Movie, Impact)
•12 volt trigger - provides switching control from AV amp, processor or home automation control system
•18mm thick MDF construction
•Heavy cabinet bracing applied to provide stiff, low resonance cabinet
•Premium quality vinyl veneer finishes


Low Frequency Limit

Upper Frequency Limit
40-120Hz (Variable Low Pass filter)

Low Pass Filter Alignment
12dB/ Octave variable + 12dB/ Octave Fixed @ 150Hz

Amplifier Output
220W R.M.S

Amplifier Classification
Class D with Switch mode PSU

Drive Unit Complement
1 x 10" C-CAM® Long throw subwoofer driver + 1 x 10” flat panel ABR

External Dimensions: (H x W x D)
320 x 320 x 330 mm
12 5/8 x 12 5/8 x 13 inches
(364 x 320 x 364 mm
14 5/16 x 12 5/8 x 14 5/16 inches inc grille amp & feet)

Input Impedance

Standby power consumption
0.5W (ErP approved)

Mains Input Voltage
110-120Vac - 50-60Hz
220-240Vac - 50-60Hz
Electronic auto-select

12.9kg (28lb 6oz)